What to Wear for your Family Portrait Session

Sun-kissed shores, salty air, and laughter echoing with the waves, your Outer Banks vacation promises moments you’ll treasure forever. And what better way to capture those memories than with a relaxed and fun family portrait session on the beach? One of our clients’ most asked questions is what to wear for their Outer Banks family portraits. This ‘What to Wear’ guide will help you dress for success, embracing the coastal vibes without sacrificing comfort or your individual style.

Embrace the Coastal Palette

Let the Outer Banks inspire your color choices. Think soft pinks, cream, and ocean blues, they’ll harmonize beautifully with the natural backdrop. Add pops of coral, pale greens, yellows, or your favorite highlight color for a vibrant touch.

What to wear guide, a family wearing a blue and white color scheme for their Outer Banks family portraits

Comfort is Key

Choose flowing fabrics and natural fibers. Stay relaxed in lightweight linens and airy cottons. These fabrics drape effortlessly, flatter all shapes, and move with you as you chase the kids and stroll along the beach.

What to wear guide, a family wearing whites, creams, and tans for their Outer Banks portraits

Coordinating, Not Matching

We suggest choosing a simple color palette and style of clothing and encouraging family members to choose outfits that work in harmony with that theme. Step away from ‘matchy-matchy’ and let everyone shine in their own fashion choices.

What to wear guide, a portrait of a couple wearing coastal colors and patterns on the Outer Banks

Playful Patterns, Harmonious Style

Carefully chosen patterns can add personality, but remember, too many bold patterns can clash. When in doubt, select one patterned outfit for a single person in the family and then pull solid colors from that pattern to dress everyone else. Create a clean harmonious look by keeping your patterns and colors simple and complementary.

A family portrait on the Outer Banks featuring a large group wearing a mix of colors and patterns

Top it Off

Add a touch of cool with the perfect beach hat or stylish sunglasses. Straw hats complement the sandy shores, while playful shades in select photos can bring personality to your portraits. Let everyone choose their sun-kissed style, just remember, less is often more when it comes to accessories.

A couple wearing blue and white combined with a highlight color for their Outer Banks portraits

Capture the joy, laughter, and love of your family’s Outer Banks vacation in a portrait session with Nags Head Portraits. Contact us today to reserve your summer portrait session.